Kurt with drummer and producer Eric Parker

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Same Jack
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Catskill Dogs

Audio Samples: It Is Written Same Jack Julia in Running Shoes

Henry puts his adroit band through its musical paces: R&B, jazz, hard-hitting country rock, Celtic, soul, and blues — and it's all killer"

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Flaming June

Audio Samples: Same Jack I Like the Light My Advice

"Kurt Henry Band defies genre on latest artful, heart-full CD" by Anne Pyburn Craig in Bluestone Press
"The Art & Craft of guitar-picking" by Jeremiah Horrigan in Almanac Weekly

Reminds me of what I love about Richard Thompson.”
Peter Blanchette, classical/world guitarist

What a great sounding record! Kurt's supple fingers deliver beautifully-toned, lyrical and sometimes quirky guitar lines, while his voice soulfully presents memorable melodies peppered with poetic lyrics — and his band ain't half-bad either!”
Josh Roy Brown, country artist

The production [Eric Parker] on "Flaming June" is just impeccable... It has the effect on me of falling into a lush, mossy cave. It really has a magical sound.”
Amy Fradon, singer-songwriter

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From Our Religions We'll Be Free

Audio Samples: From Our Religions We'll Be Free Mind Your Business Julia Left
Henry engineers his most compelling and far-reaching testimony to date. Much like the message it delivers, the music cuts a wide swath: whimsy and pain, dalliance and heartbreak, frustration and bliss. Henry puts his adroit band through its musical paces, traveling through a range of genres and dynamics from straight-ahead roots folk to progressive jazz. Still, there is an upwelling of raw veracity that binds this collection of songs into a true album...Always true to theme, Henry encourages a freely collaborative creative environment, one which consistently pays dividends in the lush layers of sound that end up in the studio.” ... [Read the Complete Article]
Greg Schoenfeld, Roll Magazine

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Heart, Mind & All

Audio Samples: The Cuckoo and the Nightingale It's Enough Heart, Mind & All


Delightful – to me it sounds like summer music. Like driving with the top down, sun on the horizon, endless possibilities. So uplifting and joyous!”
Kelleigh McKenzie, recording artist

Kurt Henry has evolved through folk, jazz, latin and quasi-Caribbean styles into his own distinctly American sound. With an organic production and a solid drumming foundation by producer Eric Parker, and including top support from local legends Harvey Kaiser and David Sancious, the KHB turns in a tight and varied set of mature tunes.”
Roll: Creative Living in the Hudson Valley

Mighty cool music. Lots of sounds on this disc, and they're all great! Production is beautiful, too, with excellent sound & striking photography. Enjoy!”
Nina Shengold, author of CLEARCUT (Writer's Guild Award, ABC Playwright Award)

Henry's voice hangs from the sweet place Aaron Neville sings from ... On the set, he stands and strums, a fearless warrior — the heart (and) the mind drive him with biceps bared to sweep souls.”
Kitty Montgomery, The Daily Freeman

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Love's Enough

Audio Samples: Emily Circle And Line GNP


After many attempts to convey what I feel when I listen to Kurt Henry's CD, "Love's Enough," it has finally come down to this: satisfying finesse. While other accomplished writers and musicians make a commercial living at their craft, this is one artist whose craftsmanship remains crystalline, waiting for those who wish to seek a window to another world.”
Peggy Atwood, recording artist

Love's Enough weaves a wonderful spell of rock, traditional roots and mountain magic. The music on Love's Enough combines passion and dreams in songs that find their way into your soul.”
Linda Champanier, illustrator of fantasy, including The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce

Kurt Henry shows us once again that he is a rara avis — a truly consummate musician, not only capable of making us care, but of making us see and feel in a way that truly opens us. His songs are for listening; his best songs, like "All Our Fathers," are not only for repeated listening, but for living with over a period of time, deepening into their richness.”
Mikhail Horowitz, performance poet

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Audio Samples: Jebah Brown On the Border Seed Dreams


Vocals are excellent and well-equipped to sell the material. The chord changes are creative, the melodies are direct and concise.”
Dr. John

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... rousing music.. compelling appearance... perpetually expressive lyrics as intriguing as always...”
Woodstock Times
with the mustached intensity of a Viking lord and the sensitivity of an Indian shaman (Henry) has maintained his uncanny ability to write memorable material... his classical background shows... lyrics read like fine and sometimes tragic poetry.”

vocals are excellent.. artist sings with feeling and expresses originality...
chord progressions are creative, the melodies are direct and concise.”
Mac Rebbenack (Dr. John)

Henry's ecleticism no mere gimmick... steeped himself in traditions... simmering artistic mixture. 'The Sailor's Wife' may be compared to Child Ballads hard driving guitar... exhaltation of life and the spirit... It steps with heart held high even as mind thinks back.”
The Daily Freeman
..covered all bases from country to pop, from folk to rock, the regions first true country rocker... sharp and witty... in a class with people like Tom Paxton...”
Mike Raab, WPDH-FM.