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Kurt Henry and DOG KNOWS!

For more than fifty years, Kurt Henry has followed, honored and gloriously fulfilled his creative calling. A transcendent writer of songs, a powerful and evocative vocalist, and a masterful guitarist, Kurt Henry has shown up time after time in concert, on record or in the digital realm — each time, reaching into the listeners. souls, lifting them ever higher and higher.”
Joe Giglio, master jazz guitarist

Reminds me of what I love about Richard Thompson. Great guitar lines played as much like Celtic harp. Lovely. Lyrics are steeped in literature and poetry. English language, innit?”
Peter Blanchette, classical guitarist, innovator of the archguitar

Kurt's supple fingers deliver beautifully toned, lyrical and sometimes quirky guitar lines, while his voice soulfully presents memorable melodies, peppered with poetic lyrics.”
Josh Roy Brown, recording artist, killer slide guitar ace

Dog Knows answers the question, "What genre is your repertoire?" This is a band with a history: Kurt Henry, guitarist, and Albee Groth, bassist, were both members of The Womblers who were a sought-after opener for such diverse bands as The Byrds, Procol Harum, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, David Bromberg, Savoy Brown, José Feliciano and many more. At first, they were a country rock-band, but over the years they were influenced by bands like Steely Dan, who are harder to put into a specific niche. So, there is country-rock, there is some funk, some bossa nova, some reggae, and some songs that combine genres such as bluegrass and reggae. They choose covers that are true classics, and their writer, Kurt Henry, writes songs of many kinds, all of which appeal to a diverse audience.

Henry puts his adroit band through its musical paces, travelling through a range of genres and dynamics from contemporary acoustic, through urban country-rock, Caribbean, r&b and modern jazz-influenced pop.”
Gregory Schoenfeld, Roll Magazine
They play for the very joy of it, and subsequently they have discovered that joy is infectious with audiences. Dog Knows fields a great rhythm section featuring Chris Cullo on drums. Chis has been a house drummer for the famous Apollo Theater, and his band, Dog on Fleas, received a Grammy nomination. "Albee" Groth, our bassist, still gives evidence that Kurt's band, the Womblers, had the best rhythm section in Northeast Country-Rock. Nevertheless, both Kurt and Albee are known for diversity on their respective instruments — every style from country-rock to blues, to reggae, funk, bluegrass, Americana... whatever. Singing harmonies woven from silver and playing melodic and contrapuntal harmonica that can also mimic organ and accordion with the punctuation of a horn section is Cheryl Lambert, who was recently featured at a workshop for seasoned and professional players at the prestigious David Laks Studios.

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