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Genre is increasingly irrelevant in the world-wide culture; only the voices of individual people matter.”
Kurt Henry

I'm pretty much about guitar. And although that leads me to "uncover" a wide-ranging original repertoire, it's mostly about guitar. Repeatedly revised lyrics with big ideas and varied song structures have come to seem like a foil to illuminate guitar-centered performances.

Henry puts his adroit band through its musical paces, travelling through a range of genres and dynamics from contemporary acoustic, through urban country-rock, Caribbean, r&b and modern jazz-influenced pop.”
Gregory Schoenfeld, Roll

Yeah, I love guitar... and song.

It's been half a century since I started as a troubadour at Greenwich Village's historic Village Gaslight (1968) — a lot of time to move through many musical genres aiming for something truly eclectic that might resonate with a diverse audience. A lot of time to be involved supporting other original musics and other artists. I love my own small electric combo, but I believe that the healthiest popular music comes from the biggest ocean. (I still love to play the solo acoustic "jongleur," by the way.)

Over the years I have jammed with and gained experience from interesting artists like David Bromberg, Artie Traum, Chuck Berry, Jay Ungar, and on recent albums I've been joined by John Sebastian, David Sancious, Ross Rice, Larry Packer, Larry Balestra, Harvey Kaiser, Peter Buettner and Pete Levin. Bands I have led have opened a hundred or more shows for such internationally acclaimed bands as Procol Harum, The Byrds, Asleep at the Wheel, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

All good, but the truth is I learn the most from the hard-working, hard-playing band-members that really work me as a guitarist. Eric Parker (our hard-working producer), Alan Groth and Cheryl Lambert comprise our flexible, formidable live team. We are in our second decade, and every night it's a smooth ride — even in diverse terrain.

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